Frog Heralds



            the frogs are breathing out

their viridian song

            hinged and screaking

the pleated creek

            hemstitched with frog sound


who could resist those lustered eyes

            and muscled thighs

the atmosphere of lust

its humid mucous

consomme of pheromones


            this salientian mission

is instinct’s ancient urge

a tapioca mass of blind

                                    black writhing eyes

the object


the canary’s job is past

            you are now the clarion

receive this biological brief

pollution is your bellcall

your cage the air we share


             the moment when the croaking stops

the coupling begins

a clangour of distant clouds

            echoes through this rainforest

then the frottage poetry of rain, still pure


                        the moment when the coupling stops ...


Published in Yellow Moon  Seed Pearls 19  Second place, Nature Poem