attar of roses

ancient perfume of deserts

soft on the dry breeze


camel-trains following

the age-old geometries

carry sweet cargo


she-camel kneeling

tired calf suckling gratefully

hidden oasis


smoke from the dung fire

soft dough rolled to pale circles

fresh scent of new bread


tent lit by oil light

the warm closeness of bodies

soft conversation


fragrant steam rising

hands reaching respectfully

bread wipes the bowls clean


last light extinguished

stars set the sands shimmering

cough of a camel


dawn brings a blood sun

camels gaze with indifference

eyes reflect crimson


knotting a carpet

the colours she contemplates

whisper of flowers


children in sunlight

stop their play at the first sound

of the truck convoy


there on the white sand

red rose petals scattering

guns still hammering


Haiku sequence published in Yellow Moon 19 2006 Seed Pearls, commended