Refugee Sewing Circle

REFUGEE SEWING CIRCLE                                   


in the company of isolation

we gather            consider

          themes you suggest


the forged passports

hidden bank accounts

          pretended persecution

          imagined retribution

daughters never raped

sons undead



we take up our sharpest needle

thread it             consider

          the stitch’s suitability


is not the intent

beauty is superfluous

          you refuse to listen

          deny the truths

there are hells less visible

than slowly dying



grasp the creature cloth between

two fingers            consider

          its fleshy fabric

          plunge the needle through

pull down the upper lip

join the seam fast

          denial needs no nourishment

          limbo is no loss        

we stitch tight our stories

sew ourselves silent


© Dael Allison


 Published; Blue Dog Vol 4 No 7, 2005;

 Mind Moon Circle, March 2006