Dael & Rick with Maggs in Phnom Penh

Ta Promh

Tree and time flow over stone

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Buddhist monk, Angkor Wat

Late afternoon light

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Phnom Bakheng

A midday view from this hilltop temple down to Lake Tonle Sap. The only time to get away from the tourists is to climb in the heat of midday. Early C10th, possibly the first temple  built in the area.

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Rick, Ta Prohm

Roots insinuating into every crack

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Apsaras, Ta Som

The apsaras were the celestial dancers created from foam when the gods churned the oceans into the elixir of life 

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Rick at Neak Pean

This was a small, isolated temple overlooking a large rectagular pool - one of eight making up a lotus pattern. The Buddha was sheltered by a flaring cobra

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Four Bohdisattvas

Each of the 37 towers at the Bayon has four faces oriented to the cardinal points. Late C12th 

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Buddha at Bayon

Wherever we found a Buddha, or part of a Buddha, even if only the feet remained, there were flowers, coins, golden cloth

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Terrace of the Elephants

A small group of many, many elephants, each one individualised, Angkor Thom

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Angkor Buddha

One of many Buddhas at Angkor Wat

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