user guide

Welcome to the site is based on the open source content management software Drupal. If you're familiar with drupal, this site is basically similar to most other drupal sites. if you're not, read on...

Drupal allows you to post your own content, that is, images, stories, links, files, whatever. this site is set up so that you must be logged in to post content, but you can read it as an anonymous viewer. if you haven't registered and logged in yet, do so on the right.

once you are logged in, you can add content to the site. you basically do this by clicking on the "create content" link on the left, selecting the type of content, and typing, pasting, or uploading it into the form that follows.

most of the time, you'll want to post a piece of writing, or upload an image. to post writing, select either story, or page (functionally the same, minor visual differences). To post an image, select image. you can also upload files from here, or update your blog (personal web log, or online journal).

posting a page/story
(a story is pretty much the same as a page)
when you click on the submit story link, you'll be directed to a page full of options and textboxes. this is where you submit all your stories. most of the other submission types are similar pages. this is what you need to know:
(depending on what type of user permissions you have, some of the following may be irrelevant)

Authoring info: leave this, it's automatic.
Options: leave these as they are mostly. "published" should be ticked, and "promote to front page" only if it has to be on the home page. the others should be left. if you don't want the story up on the front page, untick "promote to front page." if you want it to stay at the top of the lists of the sections it's in, tick "sticky on top of lists."
User comments: If you want people to be able to post comments about your story, leave it on read/write. If you don't want comments, select "disabled."

Title: fairly obvious. put the title of your page in here.
Sections: put your story in the relevant section. you may be able to put it in more than one section, if you think it's relevant to do so, go for it.

Body: put the body of your story in here. ie. all of it.

the first part of your story will be cropped and used as a teaser (the bit that shows on the front page). it will default to the first 600 words, but you can stick in the code "<!--break-->" (without the quotes) to tell Drupal which part of the body is to be used as a teaser.

If you want to put code in your story, you can select the appropriate input format from the list, depending on what type of user you are.

you can also attach files, if you need to, but try to keep it small. it's best not to attach images, but to submit them separately. you can add code to your story to display the image within the page if you have the appropriate user permissions (find out how here).

when done, preview, then submit it.

posting an Image
the same goes for an image as for a page pretty much.
Instead of selecting a section, select an image gallery, pretty simple.
You need to browse for the image to upload, click browse. Find the image in your computer, and select it.
it's definately a good idea to put in a description.

have fun!


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