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2018: Alexander & Lloyd Architects:( Design Consultation, Design and Quantity Survey for Kitset style Accommodation Complex and Preschool for the Sisters of the Good Samaritans. Tarawa. Kiribati.
2017: Alexander & Lloyd Architects: Project Management, Construction of New Radiology Unit in Tuasivi Hospital, Savaii, Samoa
2016: Alexander & Lloyd Architects: Design Consultation, Design and Quantity Survey for Kitset style Accommodation Complex and Preschool for the Sisters of the Good Samaritans. Tarawa. Kiribati.
2016: Designs for Extensions and Renovations for beach houses in Port Stephens Coastal Area.
2015: Design and Construction of unique container bridge river crossing in NSW Nth Coast.
2011- 2015: Coffey International; Infrastructure Management Adviser for the Kiribati Education Improvement Program (Funded by DFAT). Supervising and capacity building the Kiribati Ministry of Education to build 98 schools on 23 islands atolls in the Central Pacific.
All schools will be rebuilt or refurbished to bring them up to the National Infrastructure Standard.
Design and Development of new Kitset Classroom construction System.

2007–2010: Self Employed Builder, Managing Director CEO, Mudlark Building Services, Domestic Design and Construction Supervision in Newcastle, NSW and Darwin, NT, Australia.
Mudlark Building Services offer a passive solar design, construction and consultation service, in the use of earth and alternative building materials and their application in construction areas where financial limitations, aesthetic appeal and limited availability of building materials are of major consideration. We specialise in training and onsite assistance. A selection of Rick’s work during this time includes:

• 2010, Design for refurbishment of Waratah (Newcastle) Fire Station into Local Community Centre. Design for private house in Broke NSW. Design for new mud brick house in Newcastle.
• 2009, Renovation to various houses in Newcastle NSW.
• 2008, Construction Consultation for refurbishment of Mud Brick Church in Millingimby, Arnhemland for the Yolnu Community.
• 2007-2008 Design and Construction with Nowland Builders and Mudlark in Darwin. Design for and supervised steel framed house featured on television show “Grand Designs”.
• 2007 Building extension in Newcastle NSW.

2005–2006: Logistics Officer, RedR-UNHCR, Nias, Indonesia. Rick was responsible for the importing and distribution of timber, roofing and other goods including food, cooking and shelter kits to NGOs working on the Nias Reconstruction Program. His responsibilities and achievements included:

• Working with UNHCR Engineers and Logisticians to develop and implement procurement systems for the supply of locally produced windows, doors and furniture. Rick established short list of companies in Medan and Nias, assessed their capabilities and formulated tender documents in Bahasa Indonesia and English for production.
• Established a short list of joineries and builders from responses to local advertising and direct personal approach to businesses.
• Distributed tender documents and helped local business managers to understand and produce realistic tenders with meaningful pricing and timelines.
• Selected successful tenderers from local businesses and NGOs for furnishing production and construction works.
• Administered construction contracts with international NGOs, Red Cross and WFP shipping to supply materials for reconstruction projects.
• Established a local joint logistics group to coordinate construction works and supervise shelter contracts between UNHCR and implementing NGOs.
• Supervised distribution and erection of Wikhalls and other transportable shelter systems.
• Supervised importation and distribution of timber and roofing materials and other goods including food, cooking and shelter kits to the implementing NGOs on the Nias Reconstruction Program.
• Supervised distribution, erection and dismantling of transportable shelter systems including Wikhalls, various tents and other shelters.
• Supervised docking and unloading of large ships in conjunction with local shipping and harbour authorities.
• Supervised loading smaller ships, local boats and local trucks with shelters, food, medical supplies and construction materials for distribution around and across Nias.
• Selected and oversaw beach landing craft operations around Nias, unloading in difficult sites using Manitu Forklifts.
• Carried out and supervised full documentation and reporting for all goods handled at the port, in transit and at final distribution points.
• Training and supervision of 30 local staff in all aspects of warehousing including: Tracking and Accounting for all materials handled; storage and safe handling of heavy materials; Manitou forklift driver training; training for all aspects of health and safety in the workplace including sexual harassment, and repairs and maintenance to all plumbing and electrical infrastructure at both the timber yard and the UNHCR office compound.
• Selected staff for extra UN driver training and had 6 staff members qualify as WFP accredited drivers.
• Provided monthly reports on warehouse control and timber distribution.
• Contributed to regular progress assessment reports for UNHCR head office.

2001-2005: Building Designer & Construction Consultant, Eastern Solar Design, Pacific Blue Design and Mudlark Building Services, NSW, Australia.
• Mudlark was contracted to develop detailed drawings from architectural plans and engineers drawings, using Archicad, for commercial and domestic construction. These drawings provided owners, builders, sub-contractors and owner builders with a clearer and simplified plan view of their proposed projects. 3D Computer models and variation drawings of the project were provided during all phases of construction. Mudlark also provided on site advice on construction techniques and procurement of local and low cost building materials using local community networks and alternative building journals.

2000: Construction Supervisor, UNICEF, Dili/Suai, East Timor. This was a Unicef School re-roofing Project that worked in conjunction with InterF.E.T., Timor Aid and the World Food Program (WFP) on the food for work programs. The Project aim was to survey and re-roof all primary schools burnt out in 1999, as identified by the District Education Committee in the Cova Lima District, East Timor. Rick’s responsibilities included:
• Supervised arrival, storage and logistics of building materials; selecting timber and roofing from donor warehouse areas in Dili; arranged shipping of materials by LCT (beach landing craft) from Dili to Suai Loro; supervised loading materials on LCT in Dili and unloading LCT on the beach in Suai Loro using Manitu forklifts; supervised redistribution of materials using trucking supplied by UNWFP, PKF (UN Peace Keeping Force) and other NGOs and supervised helicopter airlifts of materials by US Marines from Suai Loro to remote villages in the Cova Lima District.
• Liaised with DFO and Education committee re construction methods, to develop appropriate design and construction techniques to suit local village carpenters skills and construction habits.
• Developed Bahasa and English contract documents and selected local builders in each district to take up contracts and finish construction to UNICEF standards.
• Coordinated local communities to provide local labour to re-roof schools.
• Contracted and paid local tradesmen to carry out reconstruction work.
• Liaised with WFP on Food for work programme.
• Designed and developed appropriate construction methods for trusses and roof structure of damaged schools
• Determined, specified and ordered required quantities of construction materials and tools to be used in re-roofing.
• Provided technical supervision, assessed school renovation and provided a summary activity report on a monthly basis.

1998-1999: Low Cost housing Study Tour Travelled to Africa, Turkey, Greece and Europe.
Mudlark worked on low cost housing in South Africa (97-98) then travelled to Turkey and Greece to look at alternative building methods in rural areas. We then visited various earth building restoration sites and professionals in Germany and France. Particularly Phillippe Garnier at CRATerre. Villefontaine who was studying earth building preservation in North Africa.

1997-1998: Construction Trainer & Acting Team leader, Durban Self Help Housing Project, teaching stabilised earth technologies to Zulu and Xhosa communities in Rural districts and urban townships in Durban and Kwa Zulu Natal, AusAID, South Africa. The project aim was the training of unskilled people and Construction Workers in earth building techniques using bitumen emulsion stabilisation. Sites included urban areas of Durban and several sites in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal and Maputaland. Duties included: working with project architect to develop appropriate designs for housing; training; teaching, team supervision; quantity surveying; sourcing and acquisition of equipment; sourcing and acquisition of materials; labour coordination and liaising with community stakeholders.

1978–1996: Self Employed Builder, Mudlark Building Services, Australia. Rick worked closely with Mudbrick and Alternative Design and Construction. He specialised in Solar Design and "Healthy Housing" i.e. Houses designed and built using natural and chemical free materials for people with allergies or chemical sensitivity problems. Achievements included:
• Taught principles of Passive Solar Design and Low cost and Alternative housing techniques with Adult Education Taree (1994-95).
• Designed over 200 Mudbrick and Alternative material Solar houses throughout Australia.
• Built over 30 Mudbrick and Alternative material Solar houses in NSW and Victoria.
• Contributor to Australian National Conferences on Earth Building in Sydney, Bendigo and Mildura.
• Started Mudlark Pest Management. NSW Registered Pest Control Business No 1118. 1993 using low hazard and chemical free methods of building out termites in all forms of construction.
• Accredited pre-purchase Pest and Building Inspector with FAI Insurance (1992 – 2000).

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